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Depending upon the application the specification of the cone varies. The popular sizes in the present Textile Industries are 9 Deg 15', 5 Deg 57', 4 Deg 20', 3 Deg 30', etc.

In all yarn winding application, tension at the traverse extremes pulls yarn towards the cone centre. So we have to provide suitable surface finish to the cones like Embossing, Velvet Finishing, Flocking, etc.


Embossing is used for coarse and lively yarns. This surface provides extra resistance to yarn slippage. However fine embossing surface is provided for medium count yarn and for the threads where take off could be restricted by the above bold embossing surface.

This surface holds winding to full traverse length, yet permits free delivery to knitting or sewing machine.

Velvet Finish surface is ideal for fine cotton yarns and prevents damage to delicate filaments of synthetic fibres. Yarn will feed off smoothly without sloughing, hanging or breaking. Velvet surface can be provided according to the requirement.

Flocked Surface is found quite suitable for winding Rayon, Nylon and other low twist fine filament yarns. This is a smooth cone with flock finish provided on either entire areas or bonded at critical areas. The effect of flock can be controlled according to the twist, denier and number of yarn filaments. This surface also provides barrier to minimize absorption of coning oil by the paper.

A. 9 Deg 15' Cones - Regular, Plain or Plain Point Nose - This cone is used principally for hosiery yarns on the universal cone winders. The specifications, colour, tip, surface finish are all provided according to the standard requirement.

B. 5 Deg 57' Cones - Regular, Straight or Plain Point Nose -This cone is mainly used for winding single and multiple and cotton thread, synthetic yarns, twines, etc. In the latest auto coner like Savio Italy, these cones are widely used. These cones will have either embossed or velvetted or flocked surface.

C. 4 Deg 20' Cones - Regular, Nosed or Plain Point -These cones are used in two-for-one twisters, yarn doubling machine and for some special purposes.

D. 3 Deg 30' Cones - Crimped Nose -These cones are used to wind rayon, nylon and other filament yarns for knitting or creeling. This can be either velvetted or flocked surface. Heavy weight cones are used for constructive yarns and extra large packages.

E. 3 Deg 51' Cones - Regular, Plain or Straight Nose -These cones are used in tyre-cord tuffed and carpet yarns of a heavy nature.