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Programmable Core Recutter (SARC 3000)


Our Automatic Core Cutter is used to re-cut jumbo length cores into smaller size cores.

This machine is very ideal for users of paper cores like paper mills, newsprint mills, BOPP Film manufacturers, converters etc. who can reduce their inventory and hassles of buying cores in different lengths from core manufacturers. They can stock jumbo length cores and cut into required lengths suiting their production plans using this core cutter.

This machine is fitted with suitable safety devices for operator’s protection. The core cutter is simple to operate and maintain. Programmable control panel is also available as an additional option. No excess dust or sound pollution as saw blade is used. The machine is CE certified and provided with standard safety norms and inter-locking etc.

Output : Up to 6 cuts per minute depending upon the sizes and widths (or) approx. 6000 jumbo cores / day

Minimum inner diameter : 50 mm

Maximum inner diameter : 150 mm

Minimum length of cut : 50 mm

Maximum length of cut : 3000 mm

Maximum wall thickness : 16 mm

Easy Cutter (Economic Model)


Minimum Inner diameter : 50 mm

Maximum Inner diameter : 203 mm

Maximum wall thickness : 12.5mm (Higher wall thickness on extra cost)

Maximum length : 1500 mm

Minimum cut length : 15mm

Accuracy : +/- 0.5mm depending on the sizes

Length Selection : By Siemens Touch Screen

Operator : One person