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Spiral Paper Tube Plant [Single Belt Winder]   |  Paper Core Making Plant (Single Belt)  |  

 Paper Tube Winder with Multi Cutter


Activity To manufacture Composite Cans for packaging of various products
Type Of Products Composite Cans for packaging of detergents, liquor bottles, automobile Components, engineering goods, laminated cans for packaging of potato wafers, fruit drink, etc.

Minimum Inner dia of the can : 25mm

Maximum Inner dia of the can : 100mm

Maximum height of the can : 525mm

Maximum Wall thickness : 3mm

Output At 100% Efficiency 30,000 cans per day of 24 hours operation depending upon the sizes
Plant & Machinery

1. CCW (E) Can Body Maker – 1 No.

2. 10-Ply Reel Unwinding Stand & Glue tank – 1 No.

3. Outer layer unwinding stand – 1 No.

4. HLM 550 Convolute Labelling machine – 1 No.

5. ETR 2000 Paper tube Recutter – 1 No.

6. Heat Sealing equipment

Factory Shed 400 Sq.mtrs (approx).
Power Required (APPROX) 9 KW
Labour Required 4 direct operators / shift
Raw Material Requirement Recycled kraft paper reels, synthetic resin adhesive or starch based dextrine
Technical Know- How, In-Plant, Training And Marketing Guidance As SODALTECH has their own paper products division, an extensive training and guidance are provided alongwith latest technical know-how at reasonable extra cost.
Optional Equipments

Slitter Rewinder

Can Seaming machine

Material handling & Q.C.Equipments

Air Compressor

NOTE : The production capacity indicated above is only approximate and does not include any tool changing times or similar. The production efficiency and the output figures may vary in practical operation according to sizes of the products, operator efficiency, weather etc.